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Global Wholesale Supply and Distribution Solutions for Medical Cannabis Licenced Producers

We work with Canadian domestic and international licensed producers, processors and distributors of Medical Cannabis. We assist companies with their vital global supply and distribution strategies . We work globally within the highly regulated international INCB medical cannabis markets.

We are able to  assist our clients with their product inventory strategies by utilizing our business to business network of global licensed producers and distributors. We provide them with essential access to near-pharmaceutical grade wholesale produce such as GAP Flower, GMP Food Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade core products. We also give clients access  to international import/export markets that include 'ready to retail'  product forms and unique genetic strains from all over the world. 

Medical Cannabis Capital Investment and Lending Solutions.

We offer our Medical Cannabis Corporate Clients streamlined access to domestic and international capital investor platforms that span Canada, Europe, Israel, Australasia, Africa, and South America.  We assist clients whom are late market entrants in securing lending and financing solutions on their  2-10 million dollar development projects. For clients in the more established medical cannabis markets; we can help them secure financing solutions with their 10-50 million dollar corporate development projects. 

Our lending partners are established international experts whom offer turnkey capital solutions for Medical Cannabis businesses; we offer in the lending process our expertise to clients in the areas of cannabis genetics, propagation, cultivation, pharmaceutical grade manufacturing & facility design. 

We assist clients with their corporate development projects entering compliant GMP medical cannabis markets; we ensure that  their corporate development strategies and activities meet all of the rigorous international regulatory governance requirements that their project is subject to and provide them access to vital INCB compliant import and export markets.

Cannaceutical Products


Pharmaceutical grade premium flower of known potency and purity, it can be produced in high THC, low THC and THC free forms. We offer our qualified clients market access to a wide variety of strains including unique strains that are produced in emerging compliance medical cannabis markets such as South Africa. 

We can help our qualified clients import medical cannabis inventory  and we can also assist them in exporting their own product into compliant international medical and adult use markets.


Oil and Distillate

Extract purified cannabis, THC or CBD  high grade cannabis oil concentrates processed by using super critical carbon dioxide and advanced purification processes.

We can help our clients gain access to oil and concentrates that are clean and free of harmful solvents , this  allows our clients to produce safe, clean and affordable medical cannabis concentrates, medicines, edibles , vape cartridges and topicals. 

Isolate/API/Pressed Tabs

We provide our clients with access to pharmaceutical grade product that is suitable for clinical trials and the development of therapeutic drugs.  With GMP processes in place  from seed to sale, our network of licensed producers and processors can provide our clients with a high grade product that has been developed specifically to meet and exceed international regional quality standards as may be required by   FDA,EU, PIC/S, GxP, GAP, GMP and GDP product certification compliance. 

Hemp Derived Cannabidiol

We can help clients source large scale wholesale industrial hemp biomass as well as source products such as high CBD hemp biomass, high CBD flower, CBD oil, CBD distillate and CBD isolate for qualified buyers.

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Specializing in wholesale pharmaceutical grade Medical Cannabis within the international import and export markets.

Capital Financing Investment and Project Development solutions for Canadian and International Medical Cannabis businesses.